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About Florida Credit Recovery- Scam of the Century

In Florida (as in many states) there are credit recovery programs. These programs are widely disparaged by teachers as academic fraud. Under pressure to get  higher school grades- districts are giving away credit- and selling them too.  Let me cover two types of credit recovery programs that go on with the full knowledge of the Florida Department of Education and the legislature.

1. E2020 (different districts use different vendors)- this online computer credit recovery program allows students to watch lessons and videos online (which 90% tell me they skip) and then take online tests. If students fail the tests they simply take them over again. This is not a problem since students are allowed to use their phones to look up the answers.

2. BYG- this stands for “Buy your Grade.” For about $250 students can complete a few worksheets and have credit in a little less than a month. As long as the check does not bounce you are good to go. Students actually named the program “BYGU” with the “U” standing for University.

Teachers are helpless to stop this academic fraud as lower graduation rates could hurt your school grade. Heaven forbid. One teacher told me he quit the E2020 program as he did not want his name attached to something so repulsive. He tired to prevent students from using phones to look up answers and was admonished for having integrity. Oh well.  Ain’t we got fun?





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