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Common Core: I’ve Seen that Movie too…

The Common Core advocates continue to spread the myth that there is some crisis that requires the implementation of a billion dollar curriculum and testing regime. We hear this siren call every decade or so. Those of us warning against the lost generation that would be created by NCLB were ignored and the educational testing complex made billions. Now they want to double down with common core. The massive increase (hard to believe it can get worse) in testing coming with common core will cost millions each year. Districts are already ramping up spending on common core materials. The theft of time and money has started!

Of course there is no need for common core. We do not have a standards problem. Why are we allowing some to convince us there is? Why do we see a compliant media and professional organizations lining up in the common core camp?  No matter how many times we point out that our students- not in poverty- do just fine on national and international tests, we are ignored. There is too much money to be made. Pearson and its friends have contracts to sign.  States are forking over millions at a time. Keep in mind that schools are crumbling and child poverty is near 25%. The diversion of funds for RTTT, common core and PARCC testing is immoral and malpractice. Educators must resist this since Arne Duncan is a compliant party.

Arne Duncan- no teaching experience- lacks the ability to adjust and change based on evidence. Like his friends in business- he is all about shifting money from place to place in a shell game that will continue to hurt kids. We have warned about the next lost generation coming from the toxic common core theft on the way. It is our duty to point out there is no need for common core. The response you will hear is that we need common core to make kids college and career ready. This is actually an insult. It is also an apparent admission that the policies forced on us for the last twenty years have failed. So, they are asking us to “trust them again.” A recent report from the World Economic Forum had the USA ranked 2nd in productivity behind the Swiss. Apparently this is a crisis.

Since World War II the US has more Nobel Prizes in most STEM areas than the rest of the world- by far. This is a crisis?  The idea that students are not college ready is also a scam to justify the diversion of billions. How foolish to think that common core and its testing will help those who are hungry, homeless, without parents. It is easier to scapegoat teachers and schools than to say no to the educational testing complex.


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