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Florida DOE is Destroying Another Generation

As students return to school the DOE is blindly and arrogantly plowing ahead with common core and more testing. This year students in high school will take about 45 tests that will cover about 70 days. Insanity. I know. I urge all teachers from all states to document how much time is devoted to testing and test prep.

What is sad is that DOE continues to mislead -and with the help of a compliant media that worships Jeb Bush -divert billions to testing. As poverty rises- instructional time falls. This is a crime. 

A few years back Florida adopted the Sunshine State Standards. Apparently the millions that went into creating and implementing them was wasted as the state says we now need ‘new” standards. The state and districts paid millions to companies that produced materials that lined up with these SSS. Now, they are being discarded. The state admits they lied to students, parents, and teachers. DOE has been touting how great things are in the state yet they are ready to throw out that system and jump on common core.

The cost to fit schools with extra computers to test students on all of the common core assessments as well as the current mass EOC testing will cost over $500M when all is said and done. Florida is also spending millions on common core materials and test prep books. Gov. Scott and Jeb Bush have created another crisis- a manufactured one.  Jeb Bush and Patty Levesque are the ones really in charge of DOE and they lead the legislature around like a poodle.

When schools do too well, the Florida Board simply uses a trigger to change the rules. The DOE actually changed rules for kids late last year right at testing time. What a total farce. The entire idea of using test scores to hammer kids and teachers is anti-evidence. Teachers are forced to test and have no say in the matter. Some are making a lot of money on this system and it is not schools. Schools are starved.

The only failing schools in Florida (according to the flawed grading system) are in poor areas. You would think DOE would figure out that poverty is the problem. What do these kids get when the school grade is low? They are forced to implement a test prep curriculum. If DOE denies this I will release the manuals they give to teachers to follow. 

DOE also continues to divert money from traditional schools by approving charter schools- even when elected school boards vote them down due to serious problems. DOE has taken away all local control and the legislature is there to rubber stamp it all. And don’t be fooled by the digital learning law that Jeb Bush and Levesque pushed through the politburo. The goal is to privatize schools.

Charter schools are free from many of the onerous requirements that traditional schools have to comply with. Why not free up all schools? No. The DOE, Jeb Bush, Patty Levesque and legislature want to make it so terrible in traditional schools that kids flee to where there is less testing and more real learning.

Blaming schools for the ills of society is a way the politicians and unelected bureaucrats can avoid responsibility for their crimes. 

Please call out, write, blog, email papers, do what you can to respond each time some politician or DOE official lies. And don’t be afraid to do the same to Jeb Bush. This guy has never had to face an interview by someone who knew the facts about his scam.

Silence is what they want. We must give them facts and fury.


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