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Calling Out Jeb Bush, and Mr. Obama- Finally

After seeing the mawkish interview of Jeb Bush by David Gregory I realized that I had never seen or heard a real interview of Jeb Bush. There has never been an interviewer with enough knowledge to confront Mr. Bush over his selective use and twisting of DATA. None have challenged Mr. Bush and his continued support of diverting billions to testing. In Florida- as in most states- “choice” means segregation and taking more funds from the schools that educate most students.

Of course choice is phony on its face since Mr. Bush and his current friends at DOE and in the legislature have made traditional public schools so unbearable that many want to flee the testing. Last night Bush tweeted that it was time to “put students first.” To see what this means to Mr. Bush, consult the list below from the Jeb Bush lexicon.

  • Ending due process rights
  • Vouchers and diverting funds to religious schools
  • Digital learning that forces students to take classes online- more funds diverted
  • Massive testing- Giving billions to the educational testing complex
  • Ending local (elected control)- unelected officials can overturn decisions of local Boards
  • Merit Pay
  • Grades for schools heavily based on test scores
  • VAM
  • Firing teachers based on test scores
  • Common Core- billion dollar diversion of more funds

In short- Bush supports things that are anti-evidence. It must be liberating for Mr. Bush to argue against evidence since he can then say whatever he wants. Bush continues to dither while Florida becomes a leader in child poverty and homelessness. He defends testing that is used as a club on teachers and students. He lies about scores of students on international testing. He promotes the manufactured crisis that schools are broken and that the US is in decline. Bush has helped turn schools into testing factories and he will deny it until the last dog dies. I just hope someone will interview him- someone who knows the facts and will not let him regurgitate his pablum. I have not seen it happen yet.

I attached a report that debunks Jeb Bush (and the Florida model) on a wide variety of topics. Apparently nobody interviewing Bush knows much about show prep.

And for the record- teachers put students first every damn day Mr. Bush. We feed them and stimulate their curiosity. We keep them from dropping out and we talk with them and listen to them for hours after school. We protect them from the harmful testing obsession you endorse. We help them become thinkers and lovers of art, reading,music,science and history. Mr. Bush you have no idea what education is about and I am calling you out. Despite your attempts to crush public education, teachers and students are working hard and doing amazing things each day. Yes, Mr. Bush. We go to sporting events and are up until late at night grading and planning. We are developing minds despite the fact that we have no control over testing or the curriculum. Remember, Florida high schools will spend over 70 days this year, giving over 44 different tests.

Mr. Bush, our students (adjusted for poverty) score at the top of international testing. The US is dominant in Nobel Prizes in STEM fields- since World War II. The US is #2 in productivity (World Economic Forum). Bush has been great about pushing the wrong crisis. To borrow from James Carville- It’s poverty, stupid.

I forgot to mention one sad thing. The Obama administration is on the same page. Teachers,students and parents are in this alone. We must not be silent.



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