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Child Poverty has Become a Destiny in the USA. Why? How?

With UNICEF reporting that child poverty is at 23% in the USA (higher than any other developed nation in the world except Romania) poverty HAS become a reality and a destiny. Why? With Jeb Bush, Condi Rice, Michelle Rhee, Arne Duncan, Bill Gates and a host of media outlets in total denial- there is no doubt about the suspects in this crime.

Poverty is the best predictor of test score results yet the members of the perp walk above continue to divert funds from what kids need. Billions are sent to the educational testing complex each year. Billions that should be spent on clinics, food, mentoring, and books for kids to read. Money that should go to crime and poverty ridden areas. We need to rebuild communities- not blame schools for crime and poverty.

Arne Duncan and his crew hold out money to states with strings so twisted they would strangle Pinocchio. Waivers from NCLB are simply poison with a different label. Waivers opened the way for forcing the use of test scores to evaluate teachers and common core toxicity. Regular readers of my blog will know how and why common core is going to continue the false narrative of failing schools. PARCC testing will make NCLB testing look like halcyon days indeed.

The diversion of billions of dollars to pay for the educational testing complex, its cottage industries, its infrastructure, its consultants – is the biggest educational crime in history. It is an immoral social crime and theft of the future of generations. We must fight this and not let the false narrative continue. There is now massive testing in Pre-K and K!

Back in the 1970’s Germany studied what happened when standards mania took over the younger grades. They quickly realized that these kids needed to explore, trace letters in sand, develop a love for books and PLAY. They needed to learn social relationships and not be trapped in standards based nonsense.

Current “reform” policy is a combination of scapegoating, diversion of funds, false narratives, and ignoring what teachers do. Blaming schools for the ills of society has become popular sport for many- a profitable sport at that. With the non and low poverty public school students in the USA scoring at the top of international tests- there is NO standards problem. There is NO teacher problem.

Politicians and their backers can continue to hide their crime unless we make it a major issue. Members of both major parties are guilty. The White House and Arne Duncan have abdicated leadership- both moral and policy- by their silence, as the perps continue the false broken schools narrative.

AFT, NEA, IRA and NCTE have also lacked the morals to stand up and stop the false narrative. They have become appeasers hoping to be eaten last by the educational testing complex. Neither the President or Mr. Romney deserve to be elected.

Until Arne Duncan, Jeb Bush, Margaret Spellings, Condi Rice and rest of the deniers find the testicular fortitude to deal with our massive poverty, nothing will change. Vouchers and “choice” have joined the reformer lexicon as ways to perpetuate the false narrative.

Teachers are the ones who see massive poverty each day. Teachers see what happens when hunger, despair and want beat down kids. Arne Duncan and his crew simply say, “Let them take tests.”


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