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Levesque, Bush, Duncan, Rhee, Luna -how non teachers or unelected apparatchiks control schools for big $$

Jeb Bush and Patty Levesque are at it again. I am calling for a federal investigation of their foundation based on two great reports. At the very least- the media needs to call them out for robbing us in broad daylight and giving us another lost generation. They continue to mislead and divert money from where it is needed. There is a Pulitzer here for anyone who wants to find out who is on the take and how unelected apparatchiks are controlling our education policy. Remember, this is also tied to the common core scam and high stakes testing they push. Their idea of “choice” is based on the false narrative of failing schools. See my other posts for a debunking of that canard.

Links to reports are below. You might need to cut and paste.

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