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Patty Levesque- stop misleading about testing!

Patty Levesque was less than honest about her claim that most testing is driven by districts and not the state. Let me give you an example from a high school schedule.  The state requires several rounds of diagnostic testing. The state requires several rounds of FAIR testing. The state requires EOC tests that take over a week to give for each one. The state  requires FCAT testing for reading and writing. The state requires EPAT testing ( I have the actual memo). The state requires PERT testing. I can go on and on. Soon the state will require PARCC testing. PARCC testing is required and will double the current required testing.  The tests I listed above take about 45 days to give. This is a partial list of required tests.

What Levesque also failed to mention was that districts give more tests to meet the ever changing school grade levels. Some force students to take the SAT during the day. This is an invalid and immoral use of the test. Most of the testing is state required. Do not be fooled.  The model pushed by Levesque is anti-evidence. It forces schools and districts to divert money and time to other tests to meet the fake mantra of “College and Career Ready.” Of course- HSGPA and not tests are the best indicator of college ready. (Geiser-Santelices 2007)

Testing should NEVER be an end of year checkup as Levesque says it is. Testing has become a year round obsession driven by state policy and her backing. Testing should be totally teacher controlled and not left to those making billions off of our students. I need Patty Levesque held responsible for her malpractice.

Districts do test too much. Most is required and some is to meet school grade levels or be punished. I wish all districts would stop giving ALL tests. Let the state take us to court. We refuse to be part of the educational testing complex.

FYI- Readers please google “Patty Levesque and Lee Fang”


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