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Florida Doublespeak. A Mandatory Voluntary Test. (Cost? $4.3 Million)

In another utter waste of  money, the Florida Legislature (under orders from Florida DOE) has spent over $4 million dollars to require yet ANOTHER test. I spoke to several districts today. They confirmed that the state is making them take this assessment- more than once this year. Patty Levesque must be apoplectic. She is the Jeb Bush errand girl who claims most testing is NOT required by the state. I debunked her claim in a recent article. This test is for Pre-K!

I am including a link to an article so you can read about this scandal. What I need you to know is that what the Florida Legislature and DOE spent $4.3 million on is something that good teachers do with students each day- for a total cost of ZERO. We needed another test to make others money though? How arrogant. Once again we see the state taking away the ability of teachers to decide how and when to test.

Where are the studies that show this test predicts ‘later school success’ as claimed? Why is this mandatory test called voluntary?

Instead of using this money to buy books for kids, Florida has given a raise to the educational testing complex. Instead of investing in education, Florida is doubling down on testing.

This has to be a joke, right? Nope. See attached article.


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