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The Pearson Puzzle

I have a great idea. Let’s save billions of dollars each year and give the New York Times Crossword Puzzle as a college ready test. It is just as valid as the SAT or ACT.  Results will come back along socioeconomic lines as usual. David Coleman and E.D. Hirsch can adapt the puzzle to meet common core standards and let Pearson take control of distribution rights. Consultants will train teachers on “puzzle doing” techniques and PARCC can make the questions for the puzzle. The new “Pearson Puzzle” will make everyone college and career ready. Of course we need to have puzzles for each subject too. Puzzles will start in Pre-K and run through grade 12.

Update: Two possible puzzle questions for 4th grade have been released…

  • 14 Down: Jilted Bride – 8 letters
  • 12 Down: Declaration Signer – 8 letters

Answers:   Havisham, Bartlett

One more.  2 Down: Scam of Century – 10 letters

Answer: common core

PS: Whoops. Looks like we did not save billions after all.


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