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Rick Scott and the Magical Mystery Listening Tour

I am very concerned with an article posted online with the Palm Beach Post. It is about the so-called “listening tour” that Governor Rick Scott is acting his way through. Governor Scott should not be allowed to mislead the public. Here are a few examples from his visit to a school today. He was never confronted with the facts.

  • Governor Scott said that “everyone” can agree that merit pay is needed. Sorry Mr. Scott. That is untrue at best. Merit pay has been tried for over 100 years and always fails.  There is NO evidence it works and we do not all agree with you and Jeb Bush. It is interesting to note that Governor Scott loves merit pay so much he signed a merit pay bill with no money appropriated. (EPIC FAIL)
  • Governor Scott answered concerns about too much testing. He responded that we are going to a “Federal” test called PARCC. This is actually a series of tests that will make FCAT look like the halcyon days. He also failed to mention that End of Course Exams are increasing.
  • The Federal Waiver Governor Scott signed up for REQUIRES that we tie teacher evaluations to testing. He was dishonest about this today. There will be more emphasis on teaching for tests than EVER before. Yes, teacher evaluations and jobs will be tied to PARCC and EOC Exams.
  • Governor Scott says he has no idea who will pay back teachers if the State Supreme Court upholds the ruling against his pension theft. Really? He and the legislature took it but has no idea who will pay it back?

Governor Scott. You are not entitled to your own facts. Stop misleading the people of Florida.


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