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Tony Evers- Wrong Again

I was sad to see Tony Evers put out a press release and plan that were full of statements that are anti-evidence and flat out untrue. Evers wants to force all students to take the ACT as part of state and federal accountability requirements. The ACT and SAT were never designed to be FORCED to be taken. In fact there are almost 1000 four year colleges and universities that have stopped using these tests for admission purposes. This list is growing.

Let me be VERY clear. The ACT and SAT have little to do with college and career ready. As we know from years of study, HSGPA is a better indicator. Let me cite some facts from the two leading studies on the matter.

Geiser and Studley (2001)   Geiser and Santelices ( 2007)

  •  HSGPA is consistently the strongest predictor of four-year college outcomes
  • The predictive weight associated with HSGPA increases after the freshman year
  • HSGPA has less adverse impact than standardized tests on disadvantaged and underrepresented minority students
  • Compared to high-school grade point  average (HSGPA), scores on standardized admissions tests such as the SAT I are much more closely correlated with students’ socioeconomic background

Why are Evers and others like Tom Luna paying millions for more tests? What is the agenda? Money and disrespect to teachers is part of it.

Hey Tony! Why not just give the New York Times Crossword puzzle instead. You will get the same results lined up by poverty levels. The diversion of more funds is immoral. Testing does not equal college ready, Mr. Evers. And using test scores to decide who needs “remediation” is just as bogus.

I am calling Mr. Evers out for his disrespect, ignoring of evidence and inability to stop feeding the educational testing complex.


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