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The Myth of School Choice

Regular public schools are being “setup” and forced to do many things that teachers know are wrong. Charter schools are freed from many of the onerous requirements forced on traditional schools. Why not free all schools? No! If that happened the school choicers would go nuts. Why? There would be more equality and less of a tilted choice.

There are other ways that those promoting choice deal from the bottom of the deck. Private schools offer an escape from 50-70 days of testing and misusing testing with claims that it will make you career and college ready. Once again, we see a tilt. Why not allow ALL public schools to follow what private schools have known for years ?(well backed by evidence)  HSGPA and not testing is the best indicator of readiness. If we did that the school choicers would be apoplectic. Why? There would be more equality and less of a tilted choice.

Charter schools are famous for kicking out students in order to raise test scores. Some teach to the test and create zombies. Private schools can also kick out anyone they want- even for minor infractions. One charter school in New York kicked out an entire class to avoid low test scores.  I love Roman Catholic schools but they are selective as well. Why not offer a liberal arts education that does not divert billions to testing at ALL public schools?

Friends it is clear. School choice is about a hatred of public education and little else. It is a hatred of equality and a demand for exclusivity. Let’s not pretend there is choice. Some have decided to make public education a scapegoat. We must call them out.


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One thought on “The Myth of School Choice

  1. You make some valid points, but I think school choice is not mainly centered in hatred or exclusivity. School choicers really are not concerned about the quality of education, they just want a piece of the financial pie and if that pie includes educating human capital via Common Core standards, they will supply the need.

    I think it is the Solyndra plan: Prop up private businesses with government money. These venture capitalists are doing what they do. They invest money. The federal government and state governments are allowing them to make money while using taxpayer money. There’s nothing “entrepreneur” about them at all. They are not using their own money (they are using yours), and if they fail, there is no downside to them! What a scam. If the government would not allow this takeover of education, the venture capitalists would find some other venture.

    Wind power has petered out, the Chevy Volt is a disaster, almost everything the government touches and tries to “stimulate” fails. This is no different. The politicians need to be called out for this failure as well.

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