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The Arne Duncan Show

As Arne Duncan travels around the nation on his expensive bus tour – reality is taking a beating. One of the things that Duncan likes to say is that the best ideas come from teachers and not Washington. I agree. Race to the Top is a damaging diversion of funds and waivers are a stronger poison than NCLB.  These are two Washington programs that teachers know are wrong. Mr. Duncan also requires states to use test scores to evaluate teachers in order to get waivers. As anyone who teaches knows- this is utter lunacy and anti-evidence.

Mr. Duncan also promotes another diversion of billions of dollars- Common Core. He required states to pick from a few vendors to deliver toxic testing into the veins of public education. PARCC is one of these dealers. Instead of standing up for public education, Mr. Duncan continues to allow the “broken schools” canard to flourish. We know there is no standards problem, so why did Mr. Duncan give away the store to Bill Gates and David Coleman?  Duncan, Gates and Coleman have ZERO K-12 teaching experience.

Duncan, despite what he says, promotes the diversion of funds to more testing than ever seen on this planet. He recently gave $20M to Florida so they could develop tests for courses in Art, Music and P.E. According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 67% of future jobs will not require a college education.  Duncan is pushing a “college ready” agenda that is a front for Pearson and The College Board. There is little, if any, evidence that test scores equate to college ready- but that does not stop uncle Arne.

Mr. Duncan continues to ignore teachers. Our best ideas are smothered in the crib by the strings he attaches to his federal fiats.

The Duncan DISRESPECT campaign trundles on as his bus tour comes to a town near you. P.T. Barnum would be proud.


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