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Sarah Wessling: Missing Common Sense on Common Core

I just read the supposed “defense” of Common Core in the Washington Post. A teacher named Sarah Wessling has been promoting them for a while.  Sadly, the article she wrote ignored the two major issues with Common Core. Luckily you have me to help out on this one.

A. Where was the defense of the NEED for yet MORE standards?  The question we should be asking is “Why?” not “How?” We have never had a standards problem. Everything Wessling mentions in her article is going on now and can go on without these new standards. Remind me why we need these? How will they help the 25% of students who are trapped in cycles of poverty and violence?  How will the billions of dollars spent on implementation, consultants, materials and tests help our kids who cannot even get a meal or go to a doctor?

B. Wessling wisely totally ignored the massive testing coming as part of Common Core. PARCC has already made millions and cottage industries are popping up all around the nation. One district has already spent $5 million on Common Core materials. Common Core will increase testing like we have never seen before.

Let’s ask the right questions and not rely on those shilling for David Coleman and Bill Gates. Thanks.



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One thought on “Sarah Wessling: Missing Common Sense on Common Core

  1. Do you have a link to the Post article?

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