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Van Roekel Must Resign

I just read disturbing comments from NEA leader Dennis Van Roekel. Van Roekel has joined the Randy Weingarten appeasement tour that is running along with the Arne Duncan bus tour. Let me tell you what Van Roekel said and why he needs to resign.

Comment One: “The Department of Education has been such great partners in trying to figure out how to make meaningful change in our schools.”  (From NEA Media)

*This is a stunningly ignorant, arrogant and out of touch comment. I do not know where to begin.

A. Van Roekel thinks the non-educators at DOE are just swell. Well Dennis, they have diverted over a billion dollars away from the classroom – to testing. They continue to ignore all evidence and push for merit pay and using test scores as a club against teachers and students. The mandates attached to waivers are worse than NCLB. DOE is pushing for -and providing money for- testing K and Pre-K students. RTTT is an immoral use of tax money that rewards those who trade freedom for money.

B. Van Roekel thinks the non-educators at DOE are dandy. Well Dennis, they continue to tout the canard that schools are broken and that we are somehow in a crisis due to low standards and poor teaching. (Enter another billion dollar scam called Common Core that will increase testing more than we have ever seen on this planet) We have no standards problem.

Comment Two: This from NEA MEDIA re-tweet. “NEA President agrees with Dr. Smith that the status quo in education in not acceptable.” This must be the Dr. Smith from “Lost in Space.”

*This is true,  but what is the status quo? The status quo includes…

A. Diverting money to charters and private schools

B. Metastasizing testing that has many schools testing 50-70 days a year, with more to come from Common Core

C. Blaming public schools for the ills of society

D. Claiming schools are broken when in fact our non-poverty students score at the top of international testing

E. Diverting billions to testing, consultants, and testing infrastructure while we are near 25% child poverty

Mr. Van Roekel, this is the status quo. DOE is the status quo. You should have the dignity to resign.

UPDATE: Van Roekel just said we need good tests that give instant feedback to meet the needs of students. Sir, we already have qualified teachers who do this DAILY. We do not need to pay Pearson or anyone else to make them and then score them. The hits keep rolling in from Van Roekel. This guy cannot resign fast enough. I hear DOE is hiring.


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