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Don’t be Fooled: Choice = Segregation

A new study from the Civil Rights Project at UCLA has once again demonstrated the growing poverty and segregation found in our schools. The study points out that the Bush and Obama administrations have done little to prevent this. In fact, their policies have increased the problem.

The push for charter schools has caused a rebirth of Jim Crowism around the nation. Latinos are more segregated in the West but this is a national problem. Black students feel the most negative impact from charter schools.

What we see is a diversion of funds to charters and private schools. We also have a lot of money diverted to testing. Schools suffer and those in poor areas suffer more. Ever hear of the Matthew Effect?

Florida is one of the states that diverts the most money to charters and private schools and faces the worst segregation. Florida also spends a lot on testing. High schools will test 50-70 days a year and testing companies are making billions.

Common Core will do NOTHING to fix this problem. Politicians, folks at CATO and Fordham, Arne Duncan, and a host of others will continue to scapegoat public education and teachers while poverty and segregation grow.

These folks must be yearning for the days of George Wallace. Don’t be fooled about the school choice hucksters. They represent the days of Jim Crow, George Wallace, and the Dixiecrats. Now they have names like Rick Scott, Jeb Bush and Arne Duncan

Report is here:   


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