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Jeb Bush Goes North!

Let me start off by saying that I did ZERO research on this piece. I got the information from the blog of Diane Ravitch and I had to share it.

Jeb Bush recently went to Connecticut where he lauded the recent reforms they passed- including attacks on due process rights. Bush tried to spin results in Florida and he spoke about “choice.” See my recent piece on choice and segregation to see what Bush is up to.

Connecticut has one of the top public education systems in the nation and great results on NAEP. Why did they need to change things? What is the purpose for the attacks on public education there? Parts of the state have some of the most segregated charter schools in the nation. The charter schools in part of the state have some problems with enrolling LEP kids. (OK, I did some research on this part of my story)

Let me end with a quote from Diane Ravitch about the Jeb visit.

“Funny that no one mentioned that Connecticut is one of the top two or three states in the nation on NAEP, even though it has strong teachers’ unions, seniority and tenure. It is far ahead of Florida. Since when does a state whose students are above the national average (8th grade math, NAEP) take lessons from one that is well below the national average?”


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One thought on “Jeb Bush Goes North!

  1. Jeb, why is it that so called “Right to Work” states schools perform below states with teacher unions!!!

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