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Who is on the Board of this Jeb Bush Group?

I recently posted a piece on the members of the Florida Board of Education. There was a strong link to Jeb Bush. Today I want to look at a shadowy foundation called “Foundation for Excellence in Education.” They are an organization pushing the failed ideas of Jeb Bush. Their website comes complete with talking points called “Reformers Toolbox.”

Who is on the Board of this group?  Like the Florida Board of Education, don’t expect much (if any) K-12 teaching experience.

Jeb Bush is the Chairman.

Philip Handy: Phil is a former member of the Florida Board of Education. (appointed by Jeb Bush) He is currently the CEO of a company and was part of a private equity group run by Sam Zell. He worked on several campaigns for Jeb Bush.

Dr. Zachariah P. Zachariah: Doc is a heart doctor and a member of the Florida Board of Governors.

Reggie Brown: Reggie is a lawyer. He worked for G.W. Bush and Jeb Bush.

Cesar Condi: Cesar is the president of the Univision Networks. He was given a job by G.W. Bush as a White House Fellow. He is part of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Aspen Institute.

Joel Klein: I think we all know about this guy.

William Oberndorf: Bill was a co-founder of the Alliance for School Choice and is on the Boards of some companies.

William Simon: Bill is the president and CEO of Wallmart U.S.

Brian Yablonski: Brian works for the St. Joe Company. (largest private landowner in Florida) He worked for Jeb Bush for many years as Deputy Chief of Staff and a policy advisor. He even worked for G.H. Bush for a short time.

Well there they are! A lot of MBA degrees but ZERO K-12 teaching experience that I could find. This is another group that is working to undermine public education and spread an agenda of privatization and testing. Follow this group as they are one of the ways Jeb Bush spreads his failed education agenda.  The other group is called the Foundation for Florida’s Future.

PS: Yablonski, Handy and Zachariah are on the Boards of both groups.  Another character listed as part of both organizations is Patty Levesque. I have written a lot about her as has Lee Fang. I will examine the Board of this group later on. It is frightening to see who is pulling the strings in our schools and who is trying to destroy them.


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