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Duncan’s Duplicity

One of the things Arne Duncan likes to say is that teachers should be paid more. Sadly, Mr. Duncan fails to act on this. Some suggest he has no control over teacher salaries but I think he does. Instead of handing out billions a year in Race to the Top funds that force states to do what he wants, he could use the money and only attach one string. The string is that the money has to be used for teacher salaries. Yes. All funds must be used to increase base salaries for all teachers. Hit the easy button Arne – no merit pay and no games. Simple.

This will never happen because the testing companies, consultants, publishing companies, computer companies and the rest of the educational cottage industry would lose out and dissolve- starved of tax dollars.

You see my friends, Mr. Duncan does not give a damn about teacher salaries. He cares more about testing, scapegoating, and crushing another generation. The educational testing complex demands payment.

Yes Mr. Duncan- you can help raise ALL salaries NOW.

Someone needs to tell Mr. Duncan to put up or shut up. Methinks he will get very quiet.


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2 thoughts on “Duncan’s Duplicity

  1. It takes a double-speak dictionary to translate that kind of duplicity.

    Old hands know the translation though. He’s talking about merit pay.

    He means that some teachers, Über-teachers, the Master RTTT teachers, should be paid more, because their instruction can be canned and mass-distributed to the masses, so that all the ordinary, everyday teachers can be canned in the not so nice way.

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