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Jeb Bush Misleads Again

I wanted to set the record straight about the misleading comments from Jaryn Emhof at the Jeb Bush front company- Foundation for Florida’s Future. Jaryn was lauding Bush era ideas as responsible for more black students taking the PSAT and passing advanced placement exams. This is typical spin from the Bush crew. Here are the facts.

  • In FL students are now pretty much forced to sign up for and take the PSAT in 10th grade. Of course more are taking it. The legislature payed the College Board over 1 million dollars for 10th graders to take the PSAT during school- missing more instructional time. I asked DOE to tell districts that students could opt out and they refused.
  • In FL more students are passing AP exams because more are taking them. Schools get more points for their school grade if they get kids to enroll in AP classes- they shove kids in these classes and the legislature says there is no class size limit. I just saw an AP class with 43 kids in it.
  •  Black graduation rates are up and a disproportionate number of them are placed in credit recovery programs. Some of these programs award credit after three or four weeks, several worksheets and payment of about $250. Other programs allow students to use their phones to look up answers on tests. Others are done at home where it is impossible to check who is doing the work.
  •  I just checked graduation rates for black males in FL. They rank below Georgia and Mississippi. (Schott 2012)

Do these folks have no shame?


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