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Calling Out “StudentsFirst” (sic) and tired

We have seen a flurry of comments from “Studentsfirst” about parent empowerment and students being their top priority. I wanted to help them out. They have a lot of money to spend and a Board full of celebrities. I am urging this group to lobby all 50 states to pass a law that I will write. It is very simple and gives each parent and student the ability to take control! I think Jeb Bush calls this personalized learning.

This is exciting! Here we go.

The (insert name of state) Student and Parent Empowerment Bill:

  • Each student (acting by themselves or through a parent) upon written or verbal request, shall have the ability to opt out of any standardized test. This shall also include practice or diagnostic testing. In place of the testing, each student will be evaluated by the professional educator in the classroom- using any tools they deem necessary.

This is one trigger Michelle Rhee and her celebrity Board do not want pulled. So much for student and parent empowerment. This group is part of a massive deception that must be pointed out.



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