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There is NO STEM crisis

One part of the false education narrative that we are hearing a lot about is a supposed “STEM” crisis. We have been told there are not enough math and science students and that we have a crisis due to a lack of engineers. Universities have been attacked and our public schools have been blamed. Maybe they are too busy testing to encourage math and science careers? Well, how about the facts?

The World Economic Forum recently issued a great report that confirms the following:

  • 81% of engineering graduates in the USA are immediately “employable”
  • In China only 10% are prepared
  • In India only 25% are prepared

The Boston Consulting Group recently ranked the “educational competitiveness” of nations. The US is number one. The UK is number two.

The only crisis I see is that people and groups inside the USA have a vested interest attacking American education. These groups include the US Department of Education. Why does the media continue to be part of this?

We must confront every aspect of the false narrative about our schools. There is a lot of money out there attacking us. Folks like Jeb Bush, Arne Duncan, Margaret Spellings, Michelle Rhee, Bill Gates, David Coleman, and Condi Rice are the main pretenders. The media does their bidding. The politicians supply the cover.

The “pretenders” have used the false narrative to push through billion dollar scams like RTTT and Common Core. They use the false narrative to divert billions to testing, consultants, and computer companies.

The Educational Testing Complex must be fed and the pretenders are the guardians.

Who will end this canard?  It is time to act my friends.


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2 thoughts on “There is NO STEM crisis

  1. PLEASE ATTRIBUTE your WEF source and explain your assertions about China and India more clearly!

    • The World Economic Forum publishes a global competitiveness report you can view online. China and India produce inferior STEM graduates and cannot compete with the US. Gerald Bracey has written a lot on this.
      There is a recent article in the Wall Street journal about this topic. How to stay on top is the next question.

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