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School District Blunder by Big Salaried People

The Chief Academic Officer in Palm Beach County recently sent an email to high school principals saying that many students had been incorrectly told they were eligible to graduate next year. These students, in fact, just found out they are not eligible.

The school district has been incorrectly using ACT and SAT concordant scores that students can use if they cannot pass the FCAT test to be able to graduate.  ACT and SAT passing scores are not available yet for the class of 2013-2014. The state says they will not be available until the Fall of 2013.  This is malpractice also since students do not know if they should continue paying for the tests or wait and see if their scores are good enough. Of course if they pass FCAT- it is moot.

A spokesperson for the Florida Department of Education told me that districts were well aware that there were no concordant scores for the class of 2013-2014. They were aware of this way back in March of last year. How could the well paid administration in Palm Beach County make such a great error? The information was public knowledge. It took me five minutes to find online.

High schools were telling some students all last year (and this year too) – incorrectly- that they had met the graduation requirement! How could the district make this mistake? This ain’t rocket science.

The Board must demand answers and jobs should be lost. This is unacceptable.  Some students were told of the error just one day before testing began (today!). A test they thought they did not have to take- now they do.



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