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Palm Beach County and an $84K Boondoggle

The Palm Beach County School Board agreed to pay $28,000 to former employee Ann Killets. Her consulting group has been well funded with the tax dollars of hard working citizens. She is getting the $28,000 from October 2012 through January 2013.  The total amount given to Ann Killets and her group is over $80,000.

I am glad the district has all of this extra money in the operating budget. This is the same group that gave The College Board an $800,000 raise a few weeks ago.

What is problematic is that Killets will get access to confidential student information. Do parents and students realize this? No. Here is what the contract states:  “Consultant will be deemed an “other school official.” They say she has legitimate interest in these records. I object to this and request legal action proceed to deny this.

The contract also says Killets will help evaluate academic programs and training needs. As if there are not enough people in the district already who make over $100,000 who cannot do this?  Huh? Maybe get teachers to evaluate the programs. What a silly thought when we can pay Ann.


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One thought on “Palm Beach County and an $84K Boondoggle

  1. Do you think this organization has anything to do with training teachers in common core assessments? Seems as if the district needs to explain why it needs to outsource. Parents need to know what information is being data mined on their child, who it’s being released to and why.

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