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Florida Board of ED Crisis Line

Everyone is missing the point with the latest fiat issued by the dilettantes we call the Florida Board of Education (sic). They have made several mistakes over the last twenty years and always try to blame public schools for their malpractice. Make no mistake that the folks at the Florida Department of Education (sic) are to blame too- as is the legislature. This is just the latest blunder.

The real issue is not the race based plan that is drawing so much attention. What folks are missing is that the state continues to use phony “on grade level” data to imply there is a crisis in public education. Just so you know- the vast majority of kids who score “below grade level” in reading -can read just fine. 

The other problem is that Florida says by 2023 all students will be on grade level! This is the same garbage that NCLB forced on us. The model is simple. The Federal Government – or states- set unrealistic goals and then label schools not meeting them as failures. This is how they justify diverting billions of dollars to testing, consultant, charter schools, vouchers and the latest scam- common core.

Florida is a leader in promoting the false narrative of broken schools and the need for higher standards. Since our low and non poverty students score at the top of the world- where is the crisis? Poverty is the crisis. Our 25% child poverty brings our overall scores to the middle of the pack. We are competing against nations (and cities) with 3-5% child poverty. Still, our middle class students attending well-funded public schools are at the top of the world.

“Raising Standards” is a great dog whistle for those who want to keep us in constant crisis and justify their diversions of money away from students. No matter how great we do- it is never good enough. We are failing! Give me a break. Who the hell falls for the detritus Jeb Bush, Michelle Rhee and their friends are selling? (plenty)

Common core standards is the latest scam the Florida Board has forced on the students of Florida. Since we clearly have no standards problem- why divert billions to this? Common core will bring more testing than ever seen on this planet. This says a lot since Florida schools already test around 70 days a year. 

Add in the additional testing that districts require and we are simply testing factories.

The Florida Department of Education (sic) must keep us in crisis mode to continue the slush fund to Pearson, consultants, computer infrastructure and the rest of the educational testing complex. The educational testing complex must be fed and the Florida Legislature (wearing “I Love Jeb Bush” hats) is happy to supply the unmarked bills.

The media refuses to investigate. Millions are lost each year. Generations are lost. What the hell are we doing?  It is time for drastic action. Districts need to find the testicular fortitude to defy The Florida Department of Education (sic) and sue them back to the stone age. In the meantime- refuse to follow the fiats and refuse to administer the tests. Come what may.



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