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About that STEM crisis…

The 2012 Nobel prizes have just been awarded and the US just won the prize in economics. As I looked over the other awards that were given out over the last few weeks, I noticed the US also won the prize in chemistry and shared the prize in physics.

I am tired of folks bashing the US as we continue to dominate in the post-war era. I doubt you will hear Arne Duncan, Michelle Rhee or Jeb Bush laud these great achievements.

They need a crisis.



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2 thoughts on “About that STEM crisis…

  1. These winners are NOT the product of our CURRENT education system!

    In any case, the CRISIS isN’T among OUR BEST AND BRIGHTEST who are STILL among the best and brightest in the WORLD! The crisis is what we are NOT doing for those who are NOT, isn’t it?

    • Thanks for the comment!
      I never bet against America. We continue to produce the best and are still doing so. There are opportunities for all! Of course we can always do better. I see no “unique” need to focus on STEM areas or proclaim a crisis.

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