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STEM Crisis Part Two?

The “Intel International Science and Engineering Fair” has over 7 million students from around the world competing.

The US did quite well.  Is there a crisis in America?

Gordon E. Moore Award winner

Jack Andraka, 15, of Crownsville, Maryland, won the Gordon E. Moore Award for his development of a new method to detect pancreatic cancer.

The School of Science and Engineering in Dallas was noted for excellence in Math.

Ossining High School in New York was named a school of excellence in Science.

12 of the 17 winners in “Best of” categories were from the US.

I can go on, but you get the picture. I expect our dominance in the world to continue. The only threat to our dominance is the educational testing complex which has turned our schools into testing factories. NCLB and Common Core- offer more of the same. Testing, incessant testing.

All schools should be free from the chains of massive testing that sap creativity- drop by drop.


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