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Florida VAM Game

In Florida all ESE students are exempt from having to pass any state test. This includes all End of Course Exams. Florida is grading teachers on student test scores. What happens to teachers who have a lot of these kids – who blow off the test? You are on your own!

During the last round of Florida testing, students who got “waivers” from having to pass did one of three things:

1. Some tried!

2. Put head down and slept. They woke up and guessed at all answers.

3. Did not sleep. Guessed at all answers.

I have survey information from several exam proctors (once called teachers) who tested these “waiver” students. This is a small but troubling sample.

36% took option 1

22% took option 2  (After waking up, answered all questions in under 15min.)

42% took option 3   (DATA shows they finished test in under 15min. They had 6.5 hours to finish)

Teachers are being evaluated on this! Heaven forbid we blame the students. But can you really blame them?  They have been told they can get a 0% and still not have to worry. As for their teachers? It is your fault!

Utter Florida nonsense from land of Jeb and low expectations. It’s all in the game. The VAM game.


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