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Florida Testing Update

As the first nine weeks of school comes to a close this Thursday, I wanted to update you on how much testing has taken place and how much time that testing has taken from instruction. I am including testing that is going to happen for the rest of this week. If anyone has information from elementary and middle schools – please let me know.

High schools have been forced to give no fewer than 8 standardized tests so far. Testing has involved disrupting 30 days of school already. School has been in session for less than 50 days.

This week, high schools are giving FCAT, PSAT and PERT testing. Despite this being the end of the quarter, some teachers will not see many of their students all week.

One or two of these tests are not state required and districts who signed the resolution against high stakes testing have a lot to answer for- as usual.

The state continues its test crazed agenda. It will get worse under common core. The only standardized testing we need is NAEP.

Instead, we are getting the kitchen sink.



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