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Common Core Canard

Regular readers of my blog have seen clear evidence that shows we have no “standards crisis.”  Our non and low poverty students score at the top of international testing.  I wanted to point out that common core will bring us more testing than ever seen on the planet. This testing is already starting. It involves ALL grade levels and even reaches to K and Pre-K. Florida is one of the leading states for testing our youngest and turning the K and Pre-K experience into a test prep seminar. The canards of common core and college and career ready- go hand in hand. Testing, of course, is NOT the way to assess college or career ready.

Common Core is based on the myth of failing schools.

Why is nobody admitting that the cost of common core will run into the BILLIONS each year? The testing and infrastructure alone will get us to a billion a year. Let’s add in the consultants and materials and we have the common core budget that rivals budgets of small nations. All of this, by the way, as the US is a leader in child poverty. Why are people not telling us about the massive common core testing? Florida schools already test about 70 day a year.Testing will increase under common core.

I have a better solution than common core. I wrote about it here.

The same folks pushing the NCLB law are pushing the common core lie too.  WAKE UP!


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