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Who says the pledge to the Flag in virtual schools?

Nobody. But those attending them are allowed to take advantage of the sports programs at real schools. The same applies to charter and private schools in many states. In Florida  if a student CHOOSES to attend a private school (or virtual or charter) and that school does not offer a sport the child wants to play- the home area public school is forced to let that student try for the public school team.

As usual, those who spread the myth of failing schools are all too happy to force them to accept those choosing to go to school elsewhere- when it comes to sports.  This is another example of how reformers (sic) are using choice to keep the playing field as uneven as possible.

Florida should be allowing all schools to have the freedoms that charter and private schools have. This will never happen since it would ruin the illusion reformers (sic) have created. Students would have little reason to flee public schools if the massive testing was eliminated.

Private schools have built a great accountability system NOT based on testing. Don’t we all deserve this? Should we not also force all private schools taking public funds to accept students the same way public schools do?

Florida of 2012 is little different from 1952.  Since the legislature can no longer force segregation in regular public schools they push the Jim Crow rally cry of “choice.”  This is a dirty trick.

If you ever visit the Florida legislature be sure to stop and listen. Some say you can hear the faint strains of Dixie wafting through the halls.


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