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Rick Scott Education Plan- F

Governor Rick Scott revealed his education plans as he tries to avoid being swept out of office in 2014.  The plan cannot fool those of us who know what the hell really goes on in Florida. Remember, Rick Scott answers to his bosses- Jeb Bush and Patty Levesque.  The plan Rick Scott got from the mountain the last time he had tea with Jeb Bush is more of the same with a dash of misdirection.

Rick Scott said, “We must give parents more options for their child’s success- especially when their child is in a failing school.”

Reality:  He wants privatization and virtual scams like this one  to continue in Florida. He says schools are failing but bases that on fake test scores. He also ignores the fact that 99% of failing (sic) schools are in areas of high poverty. What kind of choice is it when charter schools have few of the onerous regulations that regular schools must follow? Scott has stacked the deck. Giving all schools the same freedoms would be the way to go. Scott’s call for more choice is a touching reference to Florida’s Jim Crow past, but has no place in the modern world.  Did you know that “D” schools can be called failing? Did you know anyone with a 504 plan can use public money to go to a private school? You can get a 504 plan for a broken hand.

Rick Scott said he wanted no more testing layered-in that could interfere with the transition from FCAT.

Reality: What the hell does this mean? There will be no testing eliminated- trust me. Testing has doubled under Rick Scott. Common Core requires more testing than EVER seen on the planet. Scott will not tell you that. Florida is using RTTT money for testing in K and Pre-K. Common Core will test at all grade levels.

Rick Scott said common core will allow us to compare how we are doing against the nation and the world.

Reality: Let me educate Mr. Scott. We already have tests that measure us against the nation (NAEP) and the world (PISA) (TIMSS) and others. Florida spent billions on the Sunshine State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards- now they are no good?!  We must now spend billions more despite the fact that we don’t have a standards problem.

Rick Scott says he wants fewer burdens on teachers so they have more time to teach.

Reality: Well This was supposed to have been happening sine this 2005 law! Paperwork and other regulations have tripled since then. Nice try Rick. Moving forms from paper to computer is not a real time saver.

Governor Scott please do not try and fool us. Florida is now a national leader in child poverty as you and your friends dither. Nothing you propose will help us. Stop scapegoating schools for the ills of society.


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