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Martians have invaded the US

I am always cognizant of and fascinated by the events that bind generations and nations together. On Oct 30th 1938 one of those events took place. You are lucky if you can speak with someone who is old enough to remember the night that Martians invaded Grover’s Mill New Jersey.

Each Oct 30th I listen to the entire broadcast. It is only about an hour. The stories of sheer panic this broadcast created are amazing to read. People remember where they were when Orson Welles pulled off this amazing hoax.

Many folks tuned in late and were in total panic. I would love to write a book about this event by speaking with all of those I can find who remember the invasion.

Happy Halloween!

PS: Anyone else who wants to listen can find the entire show on youtube. If you are lucky, one of your local radio stations will play the show. I bet it could still fool some folks today!


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