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Florida- child poverty leader- diverting billions to common core & testing

Let the scramble for money begin!  I told you earlier that Common Core is a total waste of time and money. There is no need for yet ANOTHER set of standards. I wanted to share with you an example of how millions are being diverted to get ready for the massive testing coming to an already over-tested Florida.  This is but one district. Imagine the diversion of money for the entire state and indeed the nation.  This is immoral. Will this do anything to lessen the despair of poverty and violence that is swallowing generations of students? Florida- like many states- is dithering as child poverty rises to record levels.

Common Core will bring us more testing than ever seen before. In Florida this is in addition to other online exams called End of Course Exams. How long will we let the Florida Department of Education (sic), governor and legislature pilfer our money and launder it to testing companies and computer companies?

Governor Scott says the new tests will let us compare ourselves to the nation and the world. I need to educate Mr. Scott and the immoral department of education (sic).

We already have tests that measure us against the nation (NAEP) and the world (PISA) (TIMSS) and others. Florida spent billions on the Sunshine State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards- now they are no good?!  We must now spend billions more despite the fact that we don’t have a standards problem.

Fact of the Day: In just 11 weeks of schools so far this year, over 30 days have been disrupted for testing.



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