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Florida Virtual Crime

Florida continues to divert billions to computer companies and canned programs that throw kids on computers. Profits are up but there is no evidence to support the move made in Florida. Of course Jeb Bush pushed the legislature to pass a law forcing students to take a class online just to graduate. That is right, you have no CHOICE. The Florida Department of “Education” continues to back this malpractice.

In order to meet the online requirement, some districts have created “blended learning” classes where teachers follow a script and kids do most of the work online. There really is no need for a teacher- they just have one for legal reasons. This is one of the companies Florida and other states are giving billions of dollars to.   This company is also used for credit recovery. If you fail a test do not worry. You can take it as many times as you want.

Blended learning is another scam that denigrates teachers and reduces them to mere program managers. There are scripts to follow and there is no need for the teacher to worry about much teaching. Just input the scores and answer questions about how to unfreeze the computer screen.

One district even gives the “teacher” the outline of the class that is on the computer program so there is NO teacher input needed. Just follow that script baby.  These classes are also a way to get around class size laws.

Students I speak to do not watch the videos or pay attention to the lessons. They simply look up the answers to the questions on their phones. Why do we allow this warehousing of students? This is not education. Bring back Mr. Taylor eh?

It is even possible to complete a reading or English class and never read ONE book. It is skill-drill-kill.

Thanks to Diane Ravitch for writing about this insanity.


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