Books are Enough

The Power of Free, Self-Selected Reading

On Volume Reading

I wanted to link together five quotes that summarize what we should be doing with students as opposed to the coming canard of common core. Common core makes reading a chore. Common core forces students to look at advanced text with the faulty belief that harder is better. We are doubling down on isolated skill instruction, worksheets  and other nefarious activities. Why are schools giving the students who need it the most- the least amount of time to read?

If we give students access to books and the time to read them from the first day of school- they will develop to more advanced text as a natural progression. They would also love reading and not be stuck in a skill-drill-kill world.

Reading is an “in the head” process and others would do well to leave readers alone.

“Lots of high-success
reading is absolutely critical
to reading development and
to the development of
positive stances toward
Richard Allington, 2006

“Students that are struggling to
read too-hard text are unable
to use strategies effectively
and has detrimental effects on
motivation to read.”
Fountas & Pinnell, 2006

“When kids read text at their
level and of interest to them,
they are more likely to further
their understanding and have
a great read.”
Harvey & Goudvis, 2007

“Volume of reading reliably
correlated with reading
comprehension performance
in both disabled and non-disabled
achieving readers.”
McBride-Chang et al., 1993

“Sheer volume of reading
was a distinguishing
feature of the high achievement
Richard Allington , 2006


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