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Today, the Florida Department of Education (sic) announced that it will increase the number of days students are forced to test. End of Course Exams will be given not once- but FOUR times a year. 

It appears Governor Scott flat out lied about his concern over too much testing. The DOE is out of control and the legislature is happy to send more of our money to testing companies.

It takes several days to administer one EOC.  In Florida, high schools already test about 70 days a year. This new gift to the testing companies will move the days to about 90. Parents, your students will be involved in testing for about half the days they are in school.

The Florida Board should be ashamed for allowing this madness to continue.

Of course, common core is coming soon and this will increase testing again- to over 100 days. Also, Florida continues to create MORE EOC exams as we speak.

To create space for these tests- libraries are often closed down and turned into labs. We have become the little red testing factories, my friends.

When will someone stop this malpractice? I urge teachers to file ethics complaints against Pam Stewart and anyone else involved in this scam.


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