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Rick Scott and Florida’s real red tape

Rick Scott said he wants to “eliminate unnecessary regulations in the classroom.”  Apparently he wants ” recommendations to reduce red tape and regulations.”  Rick Scott reminds me of the guy who pulls cars out of ditches on the only road into town- each night he goes out and fills the ditch with more water.

Instead of asking teachers how to reduce  red tape, Scott asked the ones who create more red tape- superintendents. Districts are under pressure for school grades and will do anything to put more burdens on the classroom.

Of course Scott should be reducing testing. Scott should direct the Department of Education(sic) and all superintendents that…

1. There shall be no money spent on test prep materials

2. Outside of state required tests for graduation- there shall be NO required testing unless the teacher decides it is needed for THEIR students. That is right- no forced FAIR testing, no forced SAT, no forced diagnostics, no forced EOC practice tests, no forced PERT test, no forced practice writing exams.

*Florida schools spend over 70 days testing and divert billions to cottage industries and test prep groupies hanging around looking for another fix.

Testing and test prep are the real red tape in Florida.  Rick Scott, the Florida Department of Education(sic) and superintendents are all too happy to divert more money to testing and crush another generation. They are all too happy to give testing companies an easy fix.

Scott has increased red tape since taking over and the DOE has added many forced tests. Teachers often have to input the DATA for these practice tests.  Other tests are required by superintendents.  This is madness. I just spoke to an assistant principal who said, “Our school is testing from Nov 27 until December 21- EACH DAY.”

Here is the survey to superintendents. I could not find one example that would help teachers.


Did I mention that Florida is a leader in child poverty and homelessness?


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