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Florida Testing Marathon

Here is yet ANOTHER test that Florida students are being tortured with. The “PERT” is supposed to measure college readiness. Students should be able to take this test in a relaxed atmosphere at their local community college – not so in Florida.

Students are herded into computer labs and FORCED to take this test during the school day. Each administration takes several days to get through all students.  Many students do not want to or need to – test. Forced testing lowers the scores and creates another false crisis.

How many “college ready” tests are students being forced to take? Well, Florida forces students to take several. They must take the PSAT and PERT. Some districts even pay the College Board almost a million dollars to force students to take the SAT/ACT during the school day. You might think they are doing this to help students become “college ready.” Well, HSGPA is a better indicator of “college ready” but there is no money in that. Districts love to force students to test in order to help school grades. Jeb Bush school grades have caused a massive diversion of money away from classrooms- to testing and its cottage support industries.  The fake imprimatur of “college ready” drives everything. It is also a justification for the billion dollar common core scam that will bring more testing than ever before. We do not have a standards problem.

These tests were NEVER DESIGNED TO BE FORCED ON STUDENTS and doing so calls into question the results.


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