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Palm Beach School Board is full of it…

The Palm Beach County School Board signed a resolution against high stakes testing and claims to love the teachers.  What has happened since? The Board has let the district administration run wild- giving millions of dollars to the College Board to force more tests into the classroom and take away real teaching time. The Board has also been hands off as the district increases the days of testing with diagnostics that are not required by the state. State required diagnostics are also a joke but that is another issue.

The Board has allowed its administration to propose a contract that requires more meetings, more lesson plans, and makes it harder for teachers to transfer to other schools. The Board has refused to direct the administration to pay teachers the money taken away over the last five years.

Rules for compensatory time are so onerous that it is rare that teachers can use the earned time.  At the end of the year it goes away. Teachers cannot get overtime- another idea from the state.

The Board cries poverty as it gives millions to consultants and testing companies. This house of horrors must be foreclosed on- now.

The Board is as full of hot hair as the district administration is.  They all detest teachers. Talk is cheap folks. Put up or shut up.


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