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Common Core Theft

I was thinking about the massive initial and ongoing costs for the Federal push for common core that many states adopted under the illusion of relief from NCLB. In fact- common core will bring us more testing than ever seen before. Make no doubt that common core is a federal fiat and not state led. See here and here.

Sadly, Federal DOE waivers forced states to make test scores part of teacher evaluations. Groups like PARCC were more than happy to take our tax money to make these tests. There are also costs for upgrading computer networks and buying millions of computers.  Here is an interesting post on some of the costs of common core technology.

I call this- “feeding the educational testing complex.”

In addition to the billions spent on technology, more will go to consultants, workbooks and other cottage industries. Believe it or not, the theft of our money is not the biggest common core crime. There are two other felonies. A recent cursory report on the costs of testing (by Brookings) failed to include all of these costs. The study is not up to professional standards. It is a political document.

1. The loss of teaching time is massive. Florida high schools already test about 80 days in a school year of less than 200 days. Under common core, this will increase to about 100 days. I would love to hear from other states. There are formative, summative, and interim assessments- and diagnostics to prepare for those. This is all in addition to the other testing required by the Feds and states.

2. Lying to tax payers by saying that we even need more standards is the biggest crime of all. Since our low and non-poverty students score at the top of the world- there is no standards problem. There is no teacher problem. I suggest you all read some Gerald Bracey on this matter. 

Shame on Arne Duncan and all of his flacks for pushing  lies about American Education. How long will we ignore the systematic and vicious cycles of poverty and violence that haunt too many of our youth?

With the help of Jeb Bush, Michelle Rhee, Bill Gates, Exxon Mobile, David Coleman, CATO, Fordham and assorted governors- backed by a compliant pavlovian media- it looks like Mr. Duncan will double down on more nonsensical notions and failed ideas as more kids slip under the waves never to be seen again.

The educational testing complex must be fed.




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One thought on “Common Core Theft

  1. HA Hurley on said:

    Please, all tchrs: keep data of hrs/days lost of Instructional Time due to mandated testing. Data will tell the story…we are testing the fact, that we are not teaching due to testing! Where can we send the weekly/monthly data? Any rolling clock idea? Envision a large world population clock, or Y2K countdown clock for all to see. Good idea, or not?

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