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Common Core- “A Bankrupt Idea”

Everyone must read this research by Dr. Chris Tienken.  Common Core “collapses under a review of empirical literature” as Dr. Tienken points out. Why has Arne Duncan ignored this? Why have state governors ignored this? How has non-teacher David Coleman taken over education? Why is Randi Weingarten backing this anti-evidence scheme?

Leading reading researcher Richard Allington once said that “DIBELS” was “Demonically inspired by evil lord Satan.” Was he really talking about Common Core?  Common Core is nothing more than a political cudgel- a cruel joke that is based on lies. This document by Dr. Tienken is required reading.

Common Core was also described by Bill Shakespeare a long time ago…

It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Macbeth:  Act 5 Scene 5




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One thought on “Common Core- “A Bankrupt Idea”

  1. stlgretchen on said:

    I appreciate you passing on this information. Here is what we wrote about Christopher Tienken’s research from 2010 on Common Core standards.

    I sure wish he got more press and more people would read his research.

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