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The Rhee,Duncan,Bush,Weingarten Cabal

The four individuals listed above are all pushing an idea that is a direct attack on public education and teachers. They all use the same language and I can only wonder what a public records request for emails would uncover.  What is this insidious, benign sounding, idea?

“Multiple Measures”

The four politicians listed above use the phrase to push using student test scores and value added models as ONE of the multiple measures to use in evaluating (firing) teachers.  Of course student test score are mainly influenced by socioeconomic status (White, 1982; Payne and Biddle 1999; Bracey, 2009).

Test scores should NOT be part of teacher evaluations. If states do use scores, why do they exclude socioeconomic status as a factor? Florida REFUSES to consider socioeconomic status for VAM scores- despite the massive evidence. If you teach a class of several homeless students- too bad.

The four characters listed above do not respect teachers. If they did- they would stop ignoring evidence and deal with the massive poverty that their policies encourage and exacerbate.

“Multiple Measures” is a political hammer. But as historian Gary Gallagher once said, “When you argue without evidence you can say whatever you want.”


Bracey, G. 2009. The Bracey Report on the Condition of Public Education. Boulder and
Tempe: Education and the Public Interest Center & Education Policy Research Unit.

Payne, K. and Biddle, B. 1999. Poor school funding, child poverty, and mathematics
achievement. Educational Researcher 28 (6): 4-13.

White, K. 1982. The relation between socioeconomic status and academic achievement.
Psychological Bulletin 9: 461-81.






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