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December 7, 1941

Need I say more? As the events at Peal Harbor begin to slowly leave living memory it is more important than ever to remind people of those times. I think all papers in America should publish FDR’s prayer for the nation- each June 6th on the remembrance of D-Day. I also think that each year all papers in America should publish the same front page that appeared on December 8th 1941.

America is about common events that bind us together. I wonder how many schools will even mention Pearl Harbor or have survivors out to visit. I think the airwaves of all radio stations should go silent for a moment today. Call me sentimental but we are bound by these events in a mystical way.

Scholarship has come a long way on Pearl Harbor. We now know that the US fired the first shots- as the USS Ward spotted and sank a Japanese mini-sub hours before the air attack.  Men on the boat swore they engaged the enemy- but not until we found the sub in 2002 (shell hole and all) were the men proven correct in the eyes of history.

President Roosevelt wanted to strike back at Japan as soon as possible and that resulted in the famous “Doolittle Raids.”  This site tells their story and the video is touching. Only a few remain alive today.



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