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Florida VAM Fever- using SAT scores?

There have been many recent articles on the VAM scam in Florida. VAM is a political cudgel that is being used by the legislature, governor and DOE.  The state continues to defend this system of junk science. Sadly, districts are going along with this sham. The elected School Board in Palm Beach County signed a resolution against high stakes testing but the district is now pushing to use (misuse) more tests for the VAM.

Mark Howard, director of research, evaluation and assessment for the Palm Beach County School District said they are considering using SAT scores to help determine VAM scores. This takes nuttery to a new level. SAT scores? See what I said about that here.

This district has given the College Board over one million dollars over the last few years to force students to take the SAT during the school day. This is a misuse of the test and of public funds.  The district will not admit it- but their goal is to pump up graduation rates by doing this. They want to buy diplomas.

VAM is increasing the use and reliance on high stakes testing. None of this has ever been shown to help kids.

Districts should be refusing to implement this fakery. Principals should not be hyping VAM results. They are pitting teachers against teachers and that is what the legislature and DOE want.



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