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Jeb Bush, Rick Scott and Low Expectations

We hear a lot of talk about accountability and high expectations in Florida. There is an incessant call to “raise the bar.” This is interesting since the state does not have an elected (accountable) board or superintendent.

Florida is the leader in the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”  How can this be? We always hear Jeb Bush, Rick Scott and the nabobs at DOE talking about high expectations.

Consider the following:

1. ESE students do not have to meet many of the requirements that most students must meet in order to graduate.

*They do not have to pass ANY STATE TEST including End of Course Exams and FCAT. They do not even have to meet the virtual class requirement.  There are waivers for all! An advisory group told Rick Scott to get rid of the virtual requirement- but in the meantime it is here. Why are some exempt from all of this and others not? Yes friends- the Florida low expectations game.  It is also one of the neat tricks the state plays in order to boost graduation rates.

Does the public realize that teachers are being evaluated using the test scores of students who do not even have to get one question right and can still graduate? Wake up and do not let Florida fakery fool you.

PS: Waivers for common core testing are already in the works


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