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It’s a Rich Man’s World

Is it possible for an elected school board to be morally bankrupt? Well I could not possibly say but you can decide. The board in Palm Beach County is always crying poverty yet voted to give Synovia Systems over a half million dollars to install GPS systems on buses. The district always comes up with the most fantastic justifications for throwing your money away. Joe Sanches (chief of support operations) said it will help save gas by checking if buses are idling too long.  I guess the board fell for it. There were a few other reasons given but none justified the expense. This expense is ongoing as well. The board ignored a speaker, who at a recent meeting pointed out the initial expense is just the start of this boondoggle.

This is the same board that voted to give a testing company over a half million dollars to force students to take the SAT during the school day. Many students do not want or need to take this test but they are forced to do so. The board signed a resolution against high stakes testing but has dithered while more optional tests are forced on students- disrupting more instructional time.

This board is starting to lose the plot and we might need to buy a new book.



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