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Oh the irony! AFT and malpractice

The first 2013 edition of the AFT  “American Teacher” magazine should be called “Ode to Common Core.” Several pages of the magazine are devoted to common core propaganda. It is enough to make you think Bill Gates or David Coleman were guest editors.

Here is where a double dose of irony comes in…

Example One:  After devoting several pages lauding Common Core, AFT had the nerve to include an article called “Learning is more than a test score” that speaks of a (mythical) campaign against excessive testing. Anyone see the irony yet?

Common Core involves more testing than ever before in the history of the world. AFT is playing a dangerous double game. This is a political game. We need career educators running AFT- not the current crowd. AFT is encouraging more testing.

Example Two: AFT actually included an article summarizing a David Berliner essay ( full version at about “why most school reforms have failed.” Anyone see the irony yet?

AFT policy ignores almost all of what Berliner says. The reason why Common Core will fail is explained yet AFT ignores it all with an insane push for yet MORE standards.

Berliner is right to point out that our educational problems are outside of school. AFT has chosen to blame teachers- more standards and more testing for students and teachers.

My friends we can do better. AFT is lost in a political haze that blinds it to reality.

Despite the constant homage to Common Core- AFT fails to prove one simple thing – the need to divert billions to Common Core and all of its cottage industries.  You see for that they would need evidence.


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