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Delusion in Florida over EdWeek Rankings

As usual, the Florida Department of Education (sic) and politicians like Speaker Will Weatherford have lost the plot. The EdWeek state rankings have them excited and they actually think it was good news for Florida. The state got high marks for having a massive amount of testing and school grading system that defies all empirical evidence, but poor marks worthy of a parent trigger takeover on school funding and performance. So things that hurt kids and divert money away from teaching was the basis for ecstasy from DOE, the Governor and Willy Weatherford? Are they proud of stagnated NAEP scores? Are they proud of wide gaps between Black and White students? Are they proud to have a graduation rate for Black males below that of Georgia? Florida is near the bottom in what matters.

Florida testing is depressing kids and dampening learning. Is there any other place in the galaxy that spends 80 days a year testing? How many more millions will we let these people take from us for their schemes?


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