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Why WE MUST recall and replace Randi Weingarten

I am not going to prattle on for hours about this. I am going to spell out the reasons Miss Weingarten must be recalled.

1. Despite her protests to the contrary- Weingarten continues to push common core testing that will increase high stakes testing and divert millions of dollars a year to testing and the educational testing complex. Weingarten says she opposes the “testing fixation” yet backs this massive expansion of it.

2. Weingarten refuses to put out a national AD and statement about the “Seattle Revolution.” THIS is the time to inspire teachers, parents and students around the nation to OPT OUT of testing they feel is onerous, excessive and useless. AFT REFUSES TO DO SO.  See my earlier posts for more on this.

3. There is an unhealthy relationship between Weingarten and David Coleman- thus the educational testing complex.  Despite NO EMPIRICAL evidence to do so, Weingarten supports the Common Core program that will divert billions more from our classrooms. She also recently said “We must prepare our kids for the SAT…”   I almost died when I saw this. This is NOT our job. David Coleman is the leader of the College Board. Interesting. More and more colleges are dropping the SAT as a requirement. As I noted in an earlier piece- we might as well give the New York Times Crossword Puzzle.   Weingarten is pushing the myth that a test indicates “college ready.”

I appreciate her service but it is time to get a career educator at AFT. Draft me and I will take our struggle national. We can do better my friends.


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